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Catalog Number: P10111
Type: Chicken IgY
Format A: Whole serum
Format B: liquid
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Image: Confocal images showing OFQ (red), GnRH (green) and their colocalization (yellow) in the ovine preoptic area and hypothalamus.

A-C: Low power view of the preoptic area at the level of the organum vasculosum of the lamina terminalis (OVLT) showing OFQ and GnRH cells, and their colocalization (e.g., white arrows). Bar = 100µm. D-F: High power images of a double-labeled OFQ/GnRH cell; note that the immunofluorescence for OFQ has a punctateappearance in the cytoplasm as opposed to the more diffuse appearance of the GnRH signal. Bar 26 = 20µm. G-I: Single-labeled OFQ cells (e.g., red arrow) in the arcuate nucleus. Note that many GnRH fibers coursing through this region are also OFQ-positive (e.g., white arrows). 3v = third ventricle. Bar = 100µm. Endocrinology. First published ahead of print July 5, 2007 as doi:10.1210/en.2007-0011