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Catalog Number: PC00B3
Applications: Cell Assays
Type: Cell Growth Media
Storage: Store at 2°C-4°C
Shipping: Refrigerated (Polar Packs)
Format A: liquid
Species Reactivity: Human
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MSC-GRO™ VitroPlus III Serum-Free medium is supplemented with allogenic human serum antibodies instead of FBS. MSC-GRO™ Humanized, Serum-Free Media has high growth and expansion rates for a variety of human mesenchymal stem cells and other cell lines. MSC-GRO™ Humanized, Serum-Free supports several passages of hMSCs and maintains the tri-lineage differentiation potential and self-renewal abilities.

MSC-GROTM VitroPlus III Serum-Free Medium Features:

  • Does not contain antibiotics or antimytotic substances
  • Human Serum-Antibodies derived from US origins
  • Supports long-term growth of hMSCs and other cell lines
  • Maintains hMSCs self-renewal and tri-lineage potentials
  • No background differentiation