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Catalog Number: PR27148-50
Type: Protein
Species Reactivity: Human
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SMAD4 is part of the SMAD family of proteins that mediate signal transduction by the TGF-beta/activin/BMP-2/4 cytokine superfamily from receptor Ser/Thr protein kinases at the cell surface to the nucleus. SMAD4 promotes the binding of the SMAD2/SMAD4/FAST-1 complex to DNA and provides the function of activation required for SMAD1 or SMAD2 to stimulate transcription acts as a tumor suppressor. SMAD4 is a target molecule for functional inactivation in cervical cancer. SMAD4 is an important biomarker for malignant transformation atakes part in inducing apoptosis by modulating Bcl-2/Bax balance.


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