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Catalog Number: RA15045
Applications: WB, IHC
Type: Rabbit IgG
Immunogen: GST-human MMP-24 (Tyr 125 to Cys 538) fusion protein
Storage: Store at 4°C short term. Aliquot and store at -20°C long term. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.
Shipping: Frozen (Polar Packs)
Format A: Protein A purified
Format B: liquid
Species Reactivity: Human
Entrez: 10893
UniProt: Q9Y5R2
Downloads: Datasheet (pdf)
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Matrix Metalloproteases (MMPs) play important roles in many physiological or pathological processes including embryonic development, morphogenesis, reproduction, tissue remodeling, arthritis, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Membrane-Type MMPs (MT-MMPs) have emerged as an important subgroup. MMPs function in the breakdown of extracellular matrix and in the processing of a variety of biological molecules. MMP activities are regulated at multiple levels such as the activation of proenzymes and via suppression by tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMPs).

MMP24 is elevated in several tumor cell lines, and is also produced by some normal cell lines. It is predominantly expressed in the brain, indicating a role in nervous system development. MMP24 is also highly expressed during embryonic development.