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Catalog Number: SC00AD1
Applications: Cell Assays
Type: Stem Cells
Species Reactivity: Human
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Image: Human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells were expanded for 10 passages. Cells were plated at 5,000/cm² in a Greiner Bio-One T75 flask and maintained in MSC-GRO low serum, complete medium (Vitro Biopharma Cat. No. SC00B1) in a reduced O₂ environment (1%O₂, 5%CO₂, 90%N₂) at 37°C in a humidified chamber. The AD-MSCs. harvested and counted on a Beckman-Coulter Z2 particle counter (range 10-30uM). Doubling time of 23.73hrs was calculated using ln(2*dT)/ln(Cf/Ci), where dT is the time, in hours, from inoculation to detachment; Ci is the initial number of cells plated and Cf is the final number of cells recovered from subculture.