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Catalog Number: TR03-RFP
Applications: Cell Assays
Type: Primary Cells
Storage: Store the frozen vials of cells in a -80ºC freezer for short period storage or in a liquid nitrogen tank for long-term storage.
Shipping: Liquid Nitrogen (Dry Ice)
Format A: Frozen
Species Reactivity: Human
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500,000 Cells$1,438.80Add to Cart

Human Prostate Carcinoma Cells (DU 145) were derived from a Prostate Carcinoma patient. RFP-Human Prostate Carcinoma Cells (DU 145) are selected from the Human Prostate Carcinoma Cells (DU 145) transfected with RFP expressing lentiviruses resistant to puromycin. Cells are supplied in frozen vials with more than 5x10^5 cells/vial. Universal Full Growth Medium (TM001) is recommended to culture the cells.

Cells are prepared and manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified environment and ISO 5 cleanroom.

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