HemoGenix® has provided us best of breed tools for in vitro cell based assays. These assays give you the ability to detect and measure cell viability, functionality, growth, proliferation and cytotoxicity of stem and progenitor cells for stem cell and basic research, cellular therapy, in vitro toxicity testing and veterinary applications.

They are based on the concept and scientific principles of what we call Bioluminomics™ This is the science of using the cell's energy source in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to provide us with a wealth of information. The production of ATP is an indicator of the cell's cellular and mitochondrial integrity, which, in turn, is an indicator of its viability and cellular functionality. ATP also changes in proportion to cell number, proliferation status and potential, its cytotoxicity and even its apoptotic status.

Bioluminomics means quantitation, not subjectivity. It includes assay calibration and standardization. It means assay validation. It produces results you can trust and rely on. It means innovation and flexibility. It is advanced technology that is fast to learn, easy to use and above all, cost effective.