• Human Pancreatic CAF-Stellate Cells

    Human CAFS-Pancreatic Stellates (CAF08) cultured in MSCGro™  supplemented with Neuromics' FBS (FBS001). Courtesy of Emily Rodela, TGEN,

    Immunofluorescence images of the CAF08. alpha-SMA + DAP1 20x. Courtesy of Emily Rodela, TGEN

    Immunofluorescence image of CAF08. Collagen 1 + DAP1 20x. Courtesy of Emily Rodela, TGEN

    Biomarkers expression by flow and confocal microscopy using pancreatic CAFs. As flow cytometry indicated, >92% cells were live and expressed the expected signals (Cy3) from the live cells.  Nuclear dye is Hoechst showed as blue. Courtesy of Jiehua Zhou, City of Hope



  • Breast Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts

    Breast CAFs in culture. Cells were used to construct breast tumor models. Data courtesy of Sunil Singh at The University of Akron