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At our company, we take pride in providing thoroughly tested and characterized reagents and cells. Our commitment to your satisfaction is unmatched. If for any reason our products fall short of your expectations, we promise to make it right by either sending equal replacement quantities or refunding your money. Your feedback is essential to our mutual success.


Human Cells

The cornerstone of Neuromics is based on our ability to provide potent, pure and ready to culture human cells. We guarantee they will meet your expectations. We have an easy replacement policy should you ever encounter issues.

Cell Culturing Products

Solutions for All Your Cell Culturing Needs


Primary and secondary antibodies for you research needs

Cell Based Assays

Solutions for your cell assays needs.


Recombinant and natural proteins, small molecule, peptide agonists, antagonists, inhibitors and ligands

DNA Reagents & Gene Tools

DNA-RNA-Protein Transfection Kits, CRISPR/CAS9-Sleeping Beauty Gene Engineering Tools, Strep-tag and DNA Purification Solutions.

  • "I enjoyed working with the people at Neuromics. The sale person was very friend and willing to take extra time to solve our problems."

  • "I ordered PDGFRb antibody (GT15065)sep 26th and received the product the next day. The antibody worked well for immunocytochemistry on mouse brain sections."

  • "The DJ-1 antibody worked well in terms of showing high selectivity by Western blot but was less potent by a factor of 10 compared to previous lots of the same antibody. With previous lots we used a 1:200,000 dilution to detect DJ-1 in 5 micrograms of cell lysate. With the current lot we had to use a 1:20,000 dilution (still very good, though). In sum, there's some variability in the antibody concentration from one lot to another, and one must work through this with each purchase, but overall this is an excellent antibody."