• USC derived hMSCs

    Neuromics UCB Derived hMSCs grown using hMSCGro Media. (above)

    Neuromics UCB Derived hMSCs grown using Javeen's Biosciences' Mesen-X media (below)

    Above data courtesy of Dr Rodney Nash, President, Javeen Biosciences. Dr. Nash's Feedback: "We recently used the hMSCs derived from Umbilical Cord Blood. Their performance was nothing less than excellent. We were highly impressed with their morphology and their doubling rate. In addition the cells respond very well to accutase and maintain their performance after passaging. We highly recommend this cell line."

    UBC derived human mesenchymal stem cells in culture (day 5). Media is MSCGro-Mesenchymal Stem Cell complete, LS and cells are grown on Greiner Bio-one TC-treated cell culture flasks. Data courtesy of Quincy Tam, UCLA

  • eSC Derived hMPCs

    hMProTM hMPCs grown 10% Serum. Data courtesy of Dr. Rodney Nash, Javeen Biosciences, Inc