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Catalog Number: MO15109
Applications: ICC, IHC, FC
Type: Mouse IgG
Immunogen: Hybridoma resulting from the fusion of a mouse myeloma with B cells obtained from a mouse immunized with NS0 cells transfected with human SSTR2 (hSSTR2; aa 1 - 369; Accession # P30874).
Format A: Protein G Purified
Format B: liquid
Species Reactivity: Human
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Somatostatin Receptor 2 (SSTR2) is one of five 7-transmembrane G-protein-coupled receptors for somatostatins 14 and 28. Human SSTR2 shares 84% aa identity with mouse SSTR2 within the extracellular domains. Isoform B (357 aa) has an alternate C-terminal cytoplasmic region that is 12 aa shorter than that of isoform A (369 aa, reported as 93 kDa). Both are expressed in brain, stomach, intestinal epithelia, pancreatic islets and kidney tubules. Isoform B is also expressed in parotid, thyroid and bronchial glands.

These SST Receptors function in the regulation of numerous phsiological processes such as the secretion of insulin, glucagon and growth hormone as well as cell growth induced by neuronal excitation in both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Image: MDA-MB-231 cells were stained with anti-SSTR2 (filled histogram) or isotype control antibody (open histogram), followed by APC-conjugated anti-mouse antibody.

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