Neuromics is pleased to announce that our Virus Transport Media (VTM) is now on the FDA's certified list of VTM manufacturers! It is listed under the name of our partners, Universal Bio-Products and LaunchWorks.

The FDA has announced that sterile PBS and other frequently used transport medias for COVID-19 have to be registered with the FDA. If you want a safe and high quality transport media, don't use cheap, inferior, and unregulated products that result in false readings. Instead, turn to our VTM, which is manufactured using the CDC's recommended recipe.

Our VTM is available in 15 ml tubes with 3 ml of VTM; VTM in tubes plus sterile swabs; and VTM tubes, swabs, and biohazard bags as kits. Additionally, we have 1 L bottles of VTM for sale as well.

Explore our VTM options below...

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-2: 3 ml VTM in 15 ml tube$2.39
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-3: 50 ml$84.00
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-4: 100 ml$109.00
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-5: 500 ml$305.00
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-6: 1000 ml$510.00
Virus Transport Media with SwabsVTM-KitVTM-Kit: Tube w/ 3 ml VTM, sterile swab, bhz bag (min. 100)$3.59
Virus Transport Media with SwabsVTM-KitVTM-with-Swab: 12 ml tube with 3 ml VTM and sterile swab$2.99

Contact if you have any questions or if you are interested in ordering.