• hN2 Neurons

    hN2 cells grown in culture for 4 days and stained with our chicken polyclonal to Neurofilament light (CH22105) or low molecular weight chain NF-L, a marker of neurons. Many of the differentiating cells show strong cytoplasmic and clearly fibrillar staining for NF-L. Blue stain is DAPI and reveals cell nuclei of some non neuronal cells in this culture.

    hN2 Human Neurons in Cultures of Cells at 18 hrs, 72 hrs & 6 days. Data courtesy of Paula M. Keeney, Laboratory and Research Manager, VCU Parkinson's Disease Center of Excellence.

  • Primary Human Neurons

    Human neurons cultured alone (above image) and with T-cells (below image). Data courtsey of Edu at Scripps.