From Seattle, Washington to New York City and in between, our Virus Transport Medium has been used in COVID-19 testing. Neuromics is doing our part by helping to expand testing capacity, allowing the nation to recover from the harships associated with the pandemic.

Our VTM is manufactured using our FBS following CDC guidelines, ensuring that it is sterile and safe for testing. Additionally, each lost of VTM goes through quality control before release (sample CoA).

We offer our VTM in many different forms, including kits (tubes and sterile swabs) and larger quantities that can be aliquoted into tubes under a sterile hood.

Read more to explore all of our VTM options.

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-2: 2 ml 15 ml tube (120 mm) - qty 15$74.00
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-3: 50 ml$84.00
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-4: 100 ml$109.00
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-5: 500 ml$305.00
Virus Transport MediaVTMVTM-6: 1000 ml$510.00
Virus Transport Media with SwabsVTM-KitVTM-Kit 1: 2 ml 15 ml tube with sterile swab - qty 15$79.00