Protein and Peptide Arrays

  • Immunome Protein Arrays

    The RayBio® Immunome Protein Arrays are multiplex protein immunoassays for numerous research applications. Correctly folded, functional proteins are immobilized onto a solid glass slide surface. The slides can then be probed with serum or small molecules and used in protein-antibody studies, small-molecule inhibition of kinase studies, protein-protein studies, methylation studies or DNA binding studies. Our main immunome array product offering contains 1,631 proteins.

    Name Catalog # Type Species Applications Size Price
  • Peptoid Arrays

    We are pleased to introduce Peptoid Arrays. The RayBio® Peptoid Array consists of thousands of unique peptoid sequences spotted on a glass slide support. The peptoid array combines the diversity of the bead-based peptoid library with the simplicity and rapid processing of the glass chip array. In this format, 2000+ peptoids can be quickly screened for binding activity to biological targets of interest.

    Peptoids are synthetic biopolymers that are analogous to peptides, except that the side chains are attached to the nitrogen rather than to the alpha-carbon. Like proteins, peptoids can fold into higher-order structures. Peptoid sequences are selected randomly from a 10K-diversity peptoid library and spotted onto a 75 mm x 25 mm glass slide solid support.

    Name Catalog # Type Species Applications Size Price
    RayBio® 2800 Diversity Peptoid Array 7 PA7-2800-2 Glass Slide Peptoid Array 2800 Peptoids-2 Slides $2,220.00
    RayBio® 5600 Diversity Peptoid Array 7 PA7-5600-2 Glass Slide Peptoid Array 5600 Peptoids-2 Slides $3,560.00
    RayBio® 8400 Diversity Peptoid Array 7 PA7-8400-2 Glass Slide Peptoid Array 8400 Peptoids-2 Slides $4,980.00