• Ret

    Ret staining of rat dorsal root ganglion. Data Courtesy of Dr. Patrick Carr, UND

    Ret stains the spermatagonial stem cells. Data Courtesy of of Kim Carnes, UIUC. Testimonial: "The Ret stains the spermatagonial stem cells very specifically, which is exactly what we need."

    Western blot analysis of Ret protein levels in protein lysates from SNpc (top) and striatum (bottom) of 3-mo-old control (Retlx/+and DAT-Retlx/+) and DAT-Retlx/lx mutant mice. Immunoblots were reprobed with anti–α-tubulin antibodies as loading controls. PLoS Biol. 2007 March; 5(3): e39. Rudiger et al.