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Catalog Number: SI35100
Type: RNAse Inhibitor
Format A: liquid
Downloads: Datasheet (pdf)
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siRNA-intact RNase Inhibitor enables

  • Efficient inhibition of RNase activity
  • No interference with transfection
  • Stability under a broad range of transfection conditions
  • Sterile, DNase- and RNase-free





    siRNA-intact  Inhibitor is specially designed to prevent degradation of siRNA samples by RNase.

    Image:  Lane 1: siRNA (200ng)
                 Lane 2: siRNA (200 ng)+ RNase A (10 ng)
                 Lane 3: siRNA (200 ng)+ RNase A (10 ng)+ siRNA-intact (2.5 U)
                 Lane 4: siRNA (200 ng)+ RNase A (10 ng)+ siRNA-intact (5 U)
                 Lane 5: siRNA (200 ng)+ RNase A (10 ng)+ siRNA intact  (10 U)
    All reactions were incubated at 37º C for for 1 hour.
    Store at -20º C. All compenents good for up to 6 months.