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Applications: Health and Fitness
Type: Stem Cell Boosting Supplement
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This is the Physician's Formulation of Stem-Kine-Only $79/1 month Supply with No Hidden Costs/Additional Multi-level Marketing Commitments!-700 mg and 2014 manufacture date. Free shipping in the U.S. We will credit your order when confirmed.

Stem-Kine boosts the levels of circulating blood stem cells. These cells differentiate into immune factors and red blood cells. This boosts oxygen delivery and immunity resulting in greater endurance, mental acuity and cardiovascular health.

How Do We Know it Works? Stem-Kine and StemTrophin are used to treat our clients with Autoimmune and Degenerative Diseases. If it can help them, imagine what it can do for your!

We test our clients level of stem cell, immunity and oxidative stress factors using traditional medical testing and our Quantibody Arrays. The goal is to prove the therapeutic value to balanced immunity and tem cell vitality by measuring factors that are disrupted by disease and every day wear and tear. We then treat these clients with Stem-Kine+StemTrophin and other products, and re-test after 6 months of treatment. The results are showing moderation of these factors and improved health and performance  (see graphs and data below). To learn more or order by phone, please call me directly at 612-801-1007 or you can also inquire via my direct e-mail: Pete Shuster, CEO and Owner, immunoLinkTM Therapies and Neuromics.

After 6 months on an immunoLink plan most clients reported moderated symptoms. These improvements were confirmed by testing and minor adjustments were made to further improve the plans based on these testing results. 


Test Description


CRP (C-Reactive Protein)

Measures general levels of inflammation

9.8 to 2.4 IU/mL

RF (Rheumatoid Factor)

Indicative of destructive articular disease.

57.0 to 44.0 mg/L

CK (Creatine Kinase)

Test for multiple degenerative dieases.

4.6 to 1.7 ug/L


Measures past infections

354.0 to 205.0 IU/mL


When muscle is damaged, myoglobin is released into the bloodstream

94.7 to 39.5 ug/L

ANA (antinuclear Antibodies)

Most commonly performed screening test for patients suspected of having a systemic rheumatic disease

320.0 to 100.0 Units

α-MPO (Myeloperoxidase)

Predict risks in patients with acute coronary syndromes and certain cancers

6.0 to 5.5 Units

α-CCP (Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide)

Indicative of destructive articular disease.

5.8 to 4.3 Units