We are pleased to announce the addition of Sleeping Beauty TransposonTM Systems courtesy of our Friends at B-MoGen Biotechnologies. This robust system represents a fast, potent and cost effective method for integrating reporter genes into the stem/primary cells or cell lines of your choosing.

Features Include:
  • Simple-"Cut and Paste" Integration and Editing. Check out our Sleeping Beauty Transposon System Users Manual
  • Potent-100% Stable with No Off target effects with the safest transposon insertion profile.
  • Fast- Transfect with our transposase + Sleeping Beauty TransposonTM Reporter Series Vectors.
  • Cost Effective- Starting at $329

Neuromics' Sleeping Beauty vectors come with different promoters and reporters, ready for co-transfection with our Sleeping Beauty transposase expression vectors.

Our SBT Reporter Series vectors come ready for easy reporter gene transfer and stable reporter gene expression in your target cells. Our MCS (Multiple Cloning Site) SBT series vectors are an affordable way to generate your own custom Sleeping Beauty transposon vectors. Clone and ligate your desired gene into an MCS ready SBT vector to put your gene of interest into your cells.

  • Cytomegalovirus Promoters

    Cytomegalovirus Promoter boasts high levels of gene expression in most mammalian cells, especially in neurons and embryonic stem cells.

    Name Catalog # Type Species Applications Size Price
    CMV-EGFP SBT0100 Gene Transfer 10 ug $329.00
    CMV-MCS-EGFP SBT0102 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    CMV-MCS-Neo SBT0104 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    CMV-MCS-Puro SBT0103 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    CMV-RFP SBT0107 Gene Transfer 10 ug $329.00
  • EF-1 Alpha Promoter

    The EF-1 Alpha promoter provides a stable, high-level of expression in most all mammalian cells. A great promoter to create brightly fluorescing cells and robust drug resistant cell lines.

    Name Catalog # Type Species Applications Size Price
    EF1a-EGFP SBT0300 Gene Transfer 10 ug $329.00
    EF1a-MCS-EGFP SBT0302 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    EF1a-MCS-Neo SBT0304 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    EF1a-MCS-Puro SBT0303 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    EF1a-RFP SBT0307 Gene Transfer 10 ug $329.00
  • Phosphoglycerate Kinase Promoter

    Phosphoglycerate Kinase promoter controls a steady level of constitutive gene expression across a wide variety of stem cells, neurons, and epithelial cells.

    Name Catalog # Type Species Applications Size Price
    PGK-EGFP SBT0200 Gene Transfer 10 ug $329.00
    PGK-MCS-Neo SBT0204 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    PGK-MCS-Puro SBT0203 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    PGK-RFP SBT0207 Gene Transfer 10 ug $329.00
  • EFS Promoter

    The elongation factor 1α short, EFS, promoter is the miniaturized version of EF1α promoter. This makes it an ideal promoter when keeping your plasmids small is necessary for viable transfection into difficult cells.

    Name Catalog # Type Species Applications Size Price
    EFS-EGFP SBT0400 Gene Transfer 10 ug $329.00
    EFS-MCS-EGFP SBT0402 Fluoro-Imaging 10 ug $439.00
    EFS-MCS-Neo SBT0404 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    EFS-MCS-Puro SBT0403 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    EFS-RFP SBT0407 Gene Transfer 10 ug $329.00
  • Ubiquitin C Promoter

    The Ubiquitin C promoter is a staple choice for generating transgenic cell lines with stable consistent expression across a wide variety of mammalian species.

    Name Catalog # Type Species Applications Size Price
    UBC-EGFP SBT0500 Gene Transfer 10 ug $329.00
    UBC-MCS-EGFP SBT0502 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    UBC-MCS-Neo SBT0504 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    UBC-MCS-Puro SBT0503 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00
    UBC-RFP SBT0507 Gene Transfer 10 ug $329.00
  • Sleeping Beauty Transposase Expression Vectors

    SBA vectors are Sleeping Beauty Transposase Expression Vectors that are ready to be co-transfected with our transposons vectors to begin generating transgenic cells.

    Name Catalog # Type Species Applications Size Price
    CMV-SB11 SBA0601 Gene Transfer 10 ug $439.00