Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells is Culture

We would like to thank customers for generously providing the data generated by
Neuromics' reagent(s) used in their unique applications. We are interested in featuring any and all data provided us.

Images: Neuromics' UCB Derived hMSCs grown using Mesen-X Media, Courtesy of Dr. Rodney Nash, President, Javeen Biosciences. Here's Dr. Nash's feedback: We recently used the hMSCs derived from Umbilical Cord Blood. Their performance was nothing less than excellent. We were highly impressed with their morphology and their doubling rate. In addition the cells respond very well to accutase and maintain their performance after passaging. We highly recommend this cell line."

Please note there is additional internal and raw data on our blog. You can e-mail data to Pete or Rose Ludescher -

Product Categories

5-HT (Serotonin) 2A Receptor
Courtesy of Deng Fu GuoDr. Lau, University of Iowa and Bohn, Scripp's-FL
Image courtesy of Drs. Patricia Wilson and Steve Stice, UGA
WB image courtesy of Dr. Othman Ghribi, University of North Dakota
Agouti Related Protein
Data Courtesy of Alain Beaudet, Brice Ongali and Thomas Stroh
Apoptosis Kits
FLICA-in vitro and FLIVO-in vitro
Images Courtesy of Isabelle Mercier, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
Alpha 2c
IHC image Courtesy of Dr. Patrick Carr, University of North Dakota
IHC and WB Images and Data from Multiple Labs
Data Courtesy of Tomas Hokfelt, Karolinska Institutet And Katie Saul Given, University of Colorado
Calcitonin gene-related peptide; CGRP
Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, Volume 47, Issue 7, Page 1008-1023, Jul 2007, doi: 10.1111/j.1526-4610.2007.00854.x
Caspase 3, active
Data Courtesy of Ramaswamy Sharma and Dr. Alexander Gow, Wayne State University
Data Courtesy of Ramaswamy Sharma and Dr. Alexander Gow, Wayne State University.
Courtesy of Dr.Inga Kadish,University of Alabama-Birmingham
hGDNF Recombinant Protein
Courtesy of Steve Stice et al. Aruna Biomedical and UGA
ChAT (Choline Acetyltransferase)
Image from Dr. Patrick Carr's Lab, University of North Dakota
Delta Opioid Receptor
Data courtesy of Prof. Dr. Rapheal Sell-Freie Universität Berlin and Dr. Janet Keats, University of New South Wales.
Image from Dr. Heike Rebholz, City College New York
Data courtesy of Dr Sreyashi Samaddar at College of Staten Island
Courtesy of Dr. Aaron Hirko, University of Pittsburgh.
GDNF Receptor Alpha 2/Ret
Images Courtesy of Dr. Patrick Carr, UND
Images and Protocol from Multiple Labs
i-Fect - NG108 cells
Courtesy Tracey Shipman and Sharon A. Matheny, PhD, Univ Texas Southwest Medical Center
i-Fect in vivo images
i-Fect-Nav1.8 Gene Silencing
Referenced in United States Patent 20070105806
Courtesy of Montina Van Meter (Dr’s. Rogers & Hermann - Autonomic Neuroscience Lab, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge, LA.)
Data courtesy of Dr. Joyce Besheer, University of North Carolina
Data Courtesy Dr. Trevor Batten, University of Leeds and Megan A. Foreman, University of Birmingham.
MATra™ Transfection Reagents
Includes Transfection of hepatocyte, Cortical, Cerebrellar, Neuroblastoma, Carcinoma Cells and More
UCB and eSC Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Umbilical Cord Blood and Embryonically Derived hMCS-Courtesy of Dr. Rodney Nash, Javeen Biosciences, Inc.
hN2 Primary Human Neurons
Cultures of Cells @ 18 hrs, 72 hrs & 6 days
hNP1 Neural Progenitors and Ion Channels
Ion Channels and Ionotrophic Receptors in a Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Neural Progenitors
Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Culture
Images courtesy Dr. Rodney Nash, President, Javeen Bio and Quincy Tam, UCLA
IHC of MOR1-C staining of ESCs to Neural Progenitors
Mu Opioid Receptor
Courtesy of Multiple Labs
From Molecular Vision 2007; 13:823-32. Courtesy of Dr. Gail Seigel, Ross Eye Institute
n-Fect - Primary Podocytes
Data Courtesy of Dr. Stuart J. Shakland, Department of Medicine, University of Washington
NPY Y2 Receptor
Images from Multiple Labs
Images from Dr. Matt Ramer's Lab, University of British Columbia, Courtesy of Dr. Lowell McPhail.
Image courtesy of Drs. Steve Stice, University of Georgia/Aruna Biomedical and Dr. Rike Zietlow, Cardiff University
Neural Stem CellNeurotensin Receptor 1
Data courtesy of Drs. Alain Beaudet and Thomas Stroh, McGill University.
Oct 3/4Olig 1,2,3
Image Courtesy of Dr. Juana Maria Pasquini, University of Buenos Aires.
P2X3 Guinea Pig
Image from Dr. Rustioni's Lab, UNC-Chapel Hill Courtesy of Helen Willcockson
Data Courtesy of Dr. Yan Sun University of Maryland School of Medicine Baltimore; Sharon Averill, Queen Mary, University of London
Data courtesy of Annie Eis, Medical College of Wisconsin
PARK7 (DJ-1)
Data courtesy of Amanda Ashley and Dr. Marie Legare, Colorado State University.
Po (P-Zero)
Courtesy of Dr. Patrick Carr, University of North Dakota
Primary Neurons
Various Labs
Primary E18 Rat Hippocampal Neurons
Data Courtesy of Vimal P. Swarup at University of Utah
Image and Protocol Courtesy of Kim Carnes, UIUC. Western Blot from PLoS Biol. 2007 March; 5(3): e39. Rudiger et al.
SHANK 1a C-terminus
IHC and Protocols from Multiple Labs
Substance P
Image from Dr. Rustioni's Lab, UNC-Chapel Hill Courtesy of Helen Willcockson
Data from Dr. Gordon Mitchell's lab, University of Wisconsin, courtesy of Lavanya A Ranganathan
TUJ-1 (Neuron-specific class III beta-tubulin)
Image and Protocol courtesy of Christine Graham and Doug Vetter, Tufts Univ. School of Medicine, Boston.
VR1-C (TRPV1-C Terminus) and Mu Opioid
IHC Images from Various Labs
Images courtesy of Dr. Hui-lin Pan, Penn State; Dr. Igor Spigelman, UCLA; Dr. Norman Capra, Univ. of Maryland; and Dr. Janet Keast, University of New South Wales.
VR1 C-Terminus (TRPV1) - mouse specificVimentin-GFAP Dual Label
Staining of mixed neuron/glial cultures