We distinguish ourselves by leveraging our customers and network of leading academic and commercial laboratories to select, test and characterize our reagents. The understanding we gain from this process, enables alignment between your unique application and the reagent(s) specific capabilities. Here is where we post our Customers' and Collaborators' Publications and Data. We also frequently post updates to our "tools and methods" blog.

Images: Long term culturing of our e18 Primary Rat Hippocampal Neurons-d90+! 40X Confocal Images of 30 DIV Hippocampal Cultures. Immunofluorescence detection of MAP-2 (green) and GFAP (red) in 30 DIV (A–C) cultured E18 hippocampal cells using a 40X objective. These images (A and B) clearly depict the intimate physical contact between glia processes and dendritic arbors. Under closer examination (CI and CII), it is clear that the dendrites have grown both bellow (blue arrows) and above (white arrows) glial processes, forming a highly interconnected three-dimensional network by 30 DIV. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0058996.g004. All Primary Neurons, Astroglia  and Neural Progenitors Assay Customer Publications.

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