Serving Vision Researchers is a focal point for Neuromics. Our catalog of Neuroscience reagents is primed for most related research areas. These include retinal development and vision related disease.

Image: Rhodopsin staining of pig retinal sections (green) and counter-stained with NF-M (red) and DNA (blue). Rhodopsin is most abundant in the outer segments of retina (OS), NF-M is abundant in the optic nerve fiber layer (ONFL), but seen in processes and neurons in other regions also. Other layers are pigmented epithelium (PE), outer and inner nuclear layers (ONL, INL), outer and inner plexiform layers (OPL, IPL) and ganglion cell layer (GCL). Inset: Bovine retinal extracts blotted with rhodopsin. Protocols on data-sheet.

Our offerings include the below listing of antibodies, primary neurons, proteins, stem cell reagents and transfection kits. Note for more antibody options check out our Neurotransmission Research Antibodies category.

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
3-OHKYNMO25014Mouse IgGH; MICC; WB100 ul$285
Alpha 2a Adrenergic ReceptorRA14110Rabbit IgGRIHC50 ul
150 ul
100 ug Blocking Peptide
Alpha 2c Adrenergic ReceptorRA19064Rabbit IgGH; RICC; IHC; WB150 ul
50 ul
100 ug Blocking Peptide
Arrestin-1MO22141B; M; P; RICC; IF; IHC; WB100 ul$295
ArteminGT15066Goat IgGMIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
ArteminMO15021Rat IgGME; WB500 ug
100 ug
ArteminRA19009Rabbit IgGHWB100 ul$250
BestrophinMO25024Mouse IgGH; P; PrIF; WB100 ul$285
Cathepsin VGT15199Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
CNTFGT15028Goat IgGRIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
CNTF Receptor AlphaGT15029Goat IgGRIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
CXCR1/IL-8 RAMO15072Mouse IgGHIHC; FC500 ug
100 ug
CXCR2/IL-8 RBMO15073Mouse IgGHIHC; FC; NB100 ug$325
CXCL8/IL-8GT15156Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
FOXC1GT41004Goat IgGH; MIHC; WB100 ug
100 ug
GDNFGT15007Goat IgGH; RIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
GDNF BiotinylatedGT15007BGoat IgGH; RIHC; WB50 ug$385
GDNF Receptor Alpha 4GT15083Goat IgGMIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
GDNF Receptor Alpha 1GT15108Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$345
GDNF Receptor Alpha 1GT15004Goat IgGH; M; RICC; IHC; WB; E100 ug$365
GDNF Receptor Alpha 1 BiotinylatedGT15004BGoat IgGH; RIHC; WB50 ug$385
GDNF Receptor Alpha 2GT15005Goat IgGH; M; RICC; IHC; WB; E100 ug$365
GDNF Receptor Alpha 2 BiotinylatedGT15005BGoat IgGH; RIHC; WB50 ug$385
GFAPCH23011Chicken IgYH; MICC; IF; IHC; WB200 ul$285
GFAPRA22101Rabbit IgGCa; H; M; RICC; IHC; WB100 ul$275
GFAPCH22102Chicken IgYH; M; Pr; RICC; IHC; WB100 ul
100 ug Blocking Protein
mGluR1 alphaRA19065Rabbit IgGRICC; IHC; WB100 ul$215
mGluR5RA16100Rabbit IgGH; M; RICC; IHC; WB50 ug
100 ug Blocking Peptide
mGluR5MO15118Mouse IgGHIHC100 ug$255
mGluR6RA13105Rabbit IgGM; RICC; IHC; WB100 ul
50 ul @ 2mgs/ml Blocking Peptide
mGluR6RA30046Rabbit IgGHIHC50 ug$425
mGluR6/7RA25041Rabbit IgGCh; H; M; Pr; RICC; IHC; WB500 ul$365
Glutamine SynthetaseRA25062Rabbit IgGB; H; M; RIHC; WB100 ul$285
MAP2 (Microtubule assoc. protein 2)CH22103Chicken IgYH; M; Pr; RICC; IHC; WB50 ul$299
MAP2 (Microtubule assoc. protein 2)MO30000Mouse IgGH; M; PIHC50 ul$365
MAP2 (Microtubule assoc. protein 2)MO22116Mouse IgGB; H; M; RIF; WB100 ul$295
NOGO ReceptorGT15154Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
Neuron Specific Enolase (NSE)/ENO2CH23003Chicken IgYH; MICC; IHC; WB100 ul$99
NT-3GT15000Goat IgGH; RE; IHC; WB100 ug$365
NT-3GT15128Goat IgGHWB; E100 ug$345
NestinMO15056Mouse IgGM; RFC; ICC; IHC100 ug$255
NestinMO15012Mouse IgGH; PrFC; ICC; IHC100 ug$265
NestinCH23001Chicken IgYH; M; RICC; IHC; WB100 ul$99
Neurofilament NF-HCH22104Chicken IgYH; M; Pr; RICC; IHC; WB50 ul$275
Neurofilament NF-HMO22103Mouse IgGCh; H; M; Pr; RICC; IHC; WB100 ul$225
OPA1RA25019Rabbit IgGCh; H; M; RIHC; WB100 ul
50 ul. Blockig Peptide
PGP9.5 175-191GP14104Guinea Pig IgGH; M; RIHC50 ul
150 ul
20 ug Blocking Peptide
PGP9.5RA12103Rabbit IgGH; M; P; RIHC; WB50 ul
150 ul
P2Y2RA14103Rabbit IgGH; M; RIHC; WB100 ul
50 ug Blocking Peptide
PGP9.5MO20002Mouse IgGH; M; RIHC; WB100 ul$395
PeripherinCH23016Chicken IgYH; MIHC200 ul$285
PSD-95/SAP90MO50000Mouse IgGH; M; RIF; IHC; IP; WB100 ul$405
Rhodopsin (A531)MO22128Mouse IgGB; H; M; P; RIF; WB100 ul$225
Rhodopsin (B630)MO22127Mouse IgGB; H; M; P; RIF; WB100 ul$225
RPE65 [401.8B11.3D9]MO25011Mouse IgGB; H; MICC; IF; IHC; WB100 ul$265
SHANK1a C-terminusRA19016Rabbit IgGM; RIHC; WB100 ug$225
SHANK1a N-TerminusRA19015Rabbit IgGH; M; RWB100 ug$225
SynaptophysinMO20000Mouse IgGH; RIHC; WB100 ul$175
TrkAMO15018Mouse IgGHWB; E500 ug
100 ug
TrkAMO15034-100Mouse IgGHE; FC100 ug
500 ug
TrkAGT15153Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
phospho-TrkA(Tyr490)RA18018Rabbit IgGH; RIP; IHC; WB100 ul$370
TrkBMO15025Rat IgGMIHC; WB; E500 ug$325
TrkBGT15080Goat IgGM; RIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
TrkBMO15042Mouse IgGHWB; FC; E500 ug$325
TrkCMO15000Mouse IgGH; RIHC; WB; E500 ug$325
Visinin-like protein 1/VSNL1MO22132Mouse IgGB; H; M; RIF; WB100 ul$295
Visinin-like protein 1/VSNL1CH22114Chicken IgYB; H; M; RIF; WB100 ul$295