Immune Response is an emerging focus for us. Growth in this area includes the ongoing addition of antibodies for inflammatory, autoimune, allergic response and autophagy-Check out our New Cytokine Antibody Arrays.

Testimonial: Thank you so much for your support. The antibody is working great...Our lab is a clinical lab working on a research project to standardize the FAS (CD95) antibody to add in our panel as a clinical marker for frozen and formalin fixed skin tissues.  Soofia Siddiqui, Lab Development Specialist, UWHC, Department of Dermatology.

Images:  Expression of RAGE in lungs during S. pneumoniae pneumonia. Representative view of a lung from a normal, uninfected Wt mouse (A) displaying ubiquitous expression of RAGE on the surface of endothelium. B, Absence of RAGE positivity in the lung of a RAGE–/– mouse. C and D, Lungs from a Wt mouse 48 h after the inoculation of S. pneumoniae. Arrow indicates bronchial epithelium in healthy lungs (A); asterisk indicates neutrophils in an area with confluent pneumonia (D), both being negative for RAGE staining. RAGE staining: original magnification x10. doi:10.4049/jimmunol.0801199.