Neuromics has Neural Progenitor Markers that are capable of tracking cells as they undergo expansion and differentation from rosettes to neurons. Applications include immunostaining, immunoprecipitation, western blotting and FACs.

Many are tested and fully characterized using our ESC derived hNP1TM Neural Progenitors and Rat Progenitor Neurospheres.

Image: Musashi (green) staining of neural rosettes(human).  Nuclei are counterstained blue (DAPI). Image courtesy of Drs. Patricia Wilson and Steve Stice, University of Georgia

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
A2B5MO15016Mouse IgMH; M; RICC; IHC100 ug$365
AP-2 AlphaRA18023Rabbit IgGH; M; Pr; RIP; IHC; WB100 ul$330
ATPase Na+/K+ transporting alpha 1MO25023Mouse IgGCa; H; M; Pr; R; RbFC; ICC; IF; IHC; WB50 ul$335
Activin RIIAGT15149Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
Brg1GT15244Goat IgGH; MICC; WB100 ug$365
CD4MO20025Mouse IgGHIHC100 ul$155
Doublecortin/DCXMO22113Mouse IgGB; H; M; P; RIF; WB100 ul$295
Frizzled 4/CD344GT15217Goat IgGMIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
GAP43MO22118Mouse IgGH; M; RICC; IF; WB100 ul$275
GAP43RA25086Rabbit IgGCh; H; M; RIHC; WB; FC100 ul$285
Jagged1GT15171Goat IgGHE; IHC; WB100 ug$365
LamininRA25038Rabbit IgGH; M; RIHC; WB100 ul$275
Laminin 111RA22121Rabbit IgGMICC; IF; IHC; WB100 ul$295
MSX1/HOX7GT41015Goat IgGHIHC; E100 ug$250
Mash1GT15216Goat IgGMIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
Mash1MO15048Rat IgGH; ME; ICC; WB100 ug$255
Musashi-1RA14128Rabbit IgGH; M; RICC; IHC; WB50 ul$250
Musashi-1MO15049Mouse IgGHICC; IHC; WB; E100 ug$255
Musashi-1GT15116Goat IgGHICC; IHC; WB; E100 ug$365
NestinMO15056Mouse IgGM; RFC; ICC; IHC100 ug$255
NestinMO15012Mouse IgGH; PrFC; ICC; IHC100 ug$265
NestinCH23001Chicken IgYH; M; RICC; IHC; WB100 ul$99
NestinGT15114Goat IgGM; RIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
NestinRA22125Rabbit IgGHICC; IF; IHC; WB100 ul$295
Netrin-1CH23002Chicken IgYH; MICC; IHC; WB100 ul$99
Netrin-4GT15164Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
NeuritinGT15022Goat IgGH; RICC; IHC; WB; E100 ug$365
NeuroD1GT15231Goat IgGH; MICC; WB100 ug$365
Neurofilament alpha-internexin/NF66MO25017Mouse IgGH; RICC; IF; WB500 ul$275
Neurofilament alpha-internexin/NF66CH22101Chicken IgYH; M; RFC; IF100 ul$275
Neurofilament alpha-internexin/NF66RA22102Rabbit IgGH; M; RIF; WB100 ul$275
Notch1RA19069Rabbit IgGH; RIHC100 ul$215
Notch2GT15124Goat IgGRIHC; WB; FC; E100 ug$365
Notch3RA19070Rabbit IgGH; RIHC; WB100 ug$215
NucleosteminGT15050Goat IgGH; M; RE; ICC; WB100 ug$365
Otx2GT15095Goat IgGH; ME; ICC; WB100 ug$375
Otx2MO15039Mouse IgGHICC; IHC; WB100 ug$255
PAX3GT41025Goat IgGHIHC100 ug
100 ug Blocking Peptide
S100BGT15160Goat IgGHIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
SOX2MO15040Mouse IgGHIHC; WB100 ug$255
SOX2GT15098Goat IgGHE; IHC; WB100 ug.$375
SOX2RA25021Rabbit IgGH; MICC; IHC; WB100 ul
50 ul. Blocking Peptide
Semaphorin 3CGT15077Sheep IgGMIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
Semaphorin 6AMO15023Rat IgGMIHC; WB; E500 ug$325
Semaphorin 6AGT15056Chicken IgY100 ug$365
Semaphorin 6BGT15165Goat IgGH; MIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
Semaphorin 7AGT15076Goat IgGMWB; E50 ug$365
Semaphorin 7AMO15041Rat IgGH; MWB; E500 ug
100 ug
50 ug
TROY/TNFRSF19GT15223Goat IgGMIHC; WB; E100 ug$365
TROY/TNFRSF19, BiotinylatedGT15332BGoat IgGMIHC; WB; E50 ug$385
Tuj 1 (Neuron-specific class III beta-tubulin)MO15013Mouse IgGHICC; IF; IHC; WB100 ug$265
Tuj 1 (Neuron-specific class III beta-tubulin)CH23005Chicken IgYH; MICC; IHC; WB100 ul$99
VimentinCH23010Chicken IgYH; MICC; IHC; WB100 ul$99
VimentinCH22108Chicken IgYH; M; RIHC; WB100 ul$275