hAstrocytes in Culture

Pure, Potent and Easy to Culture hAstrocytes and can be Passaged up to 10X.

Image: Human Brain Astrocytes cultured with AlphaBioCoat.

These cells have been isolated and purified from human brain cortex. They are designed to be ready to culture and grow

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
Human Brain Astrocytes (HBA)HMP202HCell Assays500,000+ cells - Frozen
500,000+ cells - T25 flask
GFP Expressing Human Brain AstrocytesHMP201Primary CellsHCell Assays500,000 Cells - Frozen$999
Astrocyte-Growth MediaPGB003Cell Growth MediaHCell Assays500 ml$189
Astrocyte Basal MediaPGB004HCell Assays500 ml$169