Robust and Research Ready HBMCs

Microglia, one of the glial cell types in the CNS, is an important integral component of neuroglia cell network. They have been observed in the brain parenchyma from the early stage of development to the mature state. Microglia act as brain macrophages when programmed cell death occurs during brain development or when the CNS is injured or pathologically damaged.

Human brain microglia cells are isolated from healthy human brain tissue. After purification, HBMCs are cryopreserved and delivered frozen.

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
Human Brain Microglia Cells - ImmortalizedHBMCs001HCell Assays500,000 cells$2,495
Alpha-glia Expansion MediumAGEM-001Cell Growth MediaHCell Assays500 ml$249