Image of Neural phenotypes derived from hN2 cell lines

hN2™ Kits can generate many neuronal phenotypes, including cells positive for the following: HB9 for motoneurons, ChAT for cholinergic neurons, DAT for dopaminergic neurons, GABA for GABAergic neurons, (Images), all cells relevant to studying various diseases as well as usable in assays for general toxicity not relevant to cellular phenotype. For The hN2™ Discover Kits, the cells have undergone two weeks of differentiation. The universal neural cell marker Tuj (beta tubulin III) indicates that >80% of the hN2™cells are neural. The hN2™cells possess electrically active membranes and the hN2™cells produce uniform responses in FLIPR glutamatergic pharmacology studies.

Images: Neural phenotypes derived from hN2 cell lines. (A) Phase contrast image of differentiated culture. (B) Network including post-mitotic motoneurons (HB9). (C) Cholinergic neuron. (D) Tuj-1 positive cells that are DAT-positive (dopamine transporter; closed arrow) and DAT-negative (open arrow). (E) Gabaergic neurons, inset illustrates GABA in axon, but not the dendrites (arrow). hN2 Cells-Electro Phys Data

Customer Testimonial: "The cells grew very well, no problems at all. I will try to get some more images together over the next few days". Dr. Gerry Shaw, University of Florida

Note: hN2™ HTS Kit is an excellent choice for high-throughput (96- and 384-well) formatted assays. 

Research use only

Markers for cellular phenotype and related disease

ChAT (Choline acetyltransferase) – synthetic enzyme
HB9 – transcription factor marker in motoneurons (cholinergic)
Dopamine transporter (DAT)
GABA transmitters 

  • Approximate Yield=1,000,000 healthy Neurons.
  • Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.
Alzheimer’s disease
ALS, spinal injury, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, depression, addictive disorders
Pain processing, conscious state (anesthesiology), alcohol research
NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
hN2™ Human Neurons Discovery KitHN60000Primary CellsHCell Assays1,000,000 Cells$795
hN2™ Human Neurons High Throughput Screening (HTS) KitHN60002Primary CellsHCell Assays4,000,000 Cells$1,395
hN2™ Human Neurons Culture MediaM60100Cell Growth MediaH500 ml & 2X5 ml$250