Clinically Important Data at Anytime

Why "Bedside to Bench"? 
We currently have programs underway for TBI, Pain Management, Colorectal Cancer, Liver Cancer, Breast Cancer and Biologics Development. The beauty of our proteomic modules is you can insert them, at any point, in your discovery process.
Proteomics Process-TBI Program

Image: Bedside to Bench Process TBI Program

Here's why you should consider this approach:
Designed to generate unique, clinically important data much earlier in the clinical trial decision making process.
  • A “Bedside to Bench” approach to drug and clinical biomarker development
  • A simple means of discovering what we do not know using real patient samples
Find high probability targets for any disease of interest.
  • Patient autoantibody signatures serve as the sentinels for targets of interest
  • Model cell lines serve as the source of targets instead of recombinant proteins – More real protein expression information utilized.
  • Clinical relevance of data dictates better/best path forward new and/or existing targets

Concept works for Biologics and Biosimilars development applications as well.

200 USD/Patient Sample if you provide reference cells (primary, stem, progenitors or cell lines) as cryopreserved pellets or we can provide the cells! for cost of cells + 200 USD/Patient Sample.

You can call or e-mail me directly to access needs and generate related Statement of Work. Pete Shuster, Owner and CEO, direct phone: 612-801-1007 or