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Type: Human Primary CAFs
Applications: Cell Assays
E=ELISA; FACS; FC=Flow Cytometry; FPLC=Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography; GF=Gravity Flow; HPLC=High Performance Liquid Chromatography; ICC=Immunocytochemistry; IF=Immunofluorescence; IHC=Immunohistochemistry; IP=Immunoprecipitation; NAC=Non-adherent Cell Assays; NB=Neutralization of Bioactivity; SE=Sandwich ELISA; TPE=Targeted Protein Expression; WB=Western blotting; ; AC=Adherent Cell Assays; FM=Fluorescent Micsroscopy; ; ; BSC-CM5= Biacore Sensor Chip CM5; BSM=Biosactive Small Molecule or Peptide; CDM=Cell Differentiation Media; ; ; ; ; ; Health and Fitness; ; ; DNA Extraction/Purification; ; In vivo Like Assays
Immunogen: Human malignant melanoma
Human Melanoma CAFs

Human Melanoma Cancer Associate Fibroblasts are isolated from malignant melanoma and cryopreserved at a low passage. These cells expand in VitroPlus III Low serum, complete medium (Cat# PC00B1) and have high passage capabilities. 

Image: Melanoma cancer-associated fibroblasts (Cat# CAF09) were plated at 5,000/cm² in a Greiner BioOne T75 flask and maintained in MSC-GRO low serum, complete medium (Cat# SC00B1) in a reduced O₂ environment (1%O₂, 5%CO₂, 90%N₂) at 37°C in a humidified chamber. The CAFs were harvested and counted on a Beckman-Coulter Z2 particle counter (range 10-30uM). Doubling time of 30hrs was calculated using ln(2*dT)/ln(Cf/Ci), where dT is the time, in hours, from inoculation to detachment; Ci is the initial number of cells plated and Cf is the final number of cells recovered from subculture.

CAF09 Flow Cytometry Data for Melanoma CAFsCAF09 Flow Cytometry Data for Melanoma CAFs (2)