Human Cardiomyocytes Data

New Potent, Pure and Stable Cardiomyocytes

We continue to work with our partners to develop pure and stable cultures of primary human cells derived from our commercially available eSC and UCB derived stem cells. Working with Dr. Jim Musick of Vitro Biopharma, we are pleased to add human cardiomyocytes to our offerings.

These cells are optimized to provide addition options for in-vitro testing of drug to drug candidate toxicities allowing researchers to rule out the ineffective and potentially small compounds/toxic compounds early in the process.

Image: Human Cardiomyocyte culture.


  • Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells are differentiated into Cardiomyocytes and cryopreserved
  • Cardiac Tryponin T Positive
  • Expands in Cardiomyocyte Maintaining Medium (Cat. No. PC00B6)- optimized for high growth rates, reduced doubling times, healthy cells and stability
  • Able to grow in low oxygen (1% 02) 500,000 cells per vial
  • NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
    Human CardiomyocytesSC00A1-CMPrimary CellsHCell Assays500,000 Cells
    500 ml
    Cardiomyocyte MediaPC00B6-2-500Cell Growth MediaHCell Assays500 ml$175