hN2 Human Neurons stained with Chicken Polyclonal MAP-2 Antibody

Research proven, published and data rich primary human neurons and progenitors. Designed for high content and high throughput screening (HTS), Applications include; migration, toxicity, electrophysiology, gene expression analysis, neurodegeneration studies and more.

Image: hN2 Primary Human Neurons grown in culture for 4 days and stained with our chicken polyclonal to MAP2, a marker of neurons. Differentiating cells show strong cytoplasmic staining for MAP2 . Blue stain is DAPI and reveals cell nuclei of some non neuronal cells in this culture.

Thawing, Culturing and Transfer-Sub Culturing-Passaging Protocols

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Derived from H9 (WA09) ECSs-Consistent, Easy to Use & Cost Effective

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