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Image 1: Images show primary culture from micro-dissected hippocampus. A) Neurons are round and healthy 1 hr after plating on poly-D-lysine substrate. B) Shown 5 days in culture.

Image 2:Triple labeled image for Neurofilament H (red), GFAP (green) and DAPI (blue). In hippocampal and cortical cultured cells, greater than 95% of the cells are neurons when evaluated  using immunocytochemistry.

Cortical Astrocyte Testimonial: "We are currently growing them up and experimenting with passaging protocols. The astrocytes seem to be very healthy and we were very pleased with your kit. Admittedly, when we purchased the astrocyte kit we were skeptical that we would get anything out of them, but you proved us wrong." Dr. Robert Caudle, University of Florida, caudle@ufl.edu.

Neurons Testimonial: Hi Pete, I just started culturing the midbrain cells yesterday after stored at 4OC for one week. They look good. I believe these cells will do well and be useful for our assay. The hippocamppal cultures generated from the replacement order have been successfully used for our assays. User from Large Biotech Company

Our selection of human brain microvascular endothelial cells, microvascular pericytes and astrocytes are available cryopreserved or proliferating in a T-25 flask. 

Our endothelial cells, pericytes and astrocytes can be cultured together to model the blood brain barrier. We also offer a 3D Blood Brain Barrier Model featuring brain endothelial cells cultured with pericytes and astrocytes layered in an insert.

Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells
Cryopreserved or Proliferating in Culture
Human Brain Microvascular Pericytes (HBMVPCs)
Cryopreserved or Proliferating in Culture

Primary human, rat and mouse neurons and astro-glia by category

hN2™ Human Neurons Discovery & HT Screening Kits
Stable, Potent and Well Characterized
Human Brain Astrocytes-New
Derived from Cortex
Primary Human Neurons
Isolated from Brain Cortical Tissue
Immortalized Human Brain Microglia Cells
Isolated from healthy human brain tissue
Human alpha Motor Neurons Kit
hMSC Derived-includes 100 ml of media to optimize your cultures
Human Schwann Cells - New
Human spinal nerve derived primary cells
NeuroNet Pure Human Neurons Discovery and HTS Kits
Pure Population of hPSC Derived Neurons
E18 and E20 Rat Primary Neuronal Tissue -NEURON CULTURES
Fresh Tissue and media are provided to initiate a culture of primary rat neurons.
E18 Rat Primary Neuronal Tissue - ASTROGLIAL CULTURES
Fresh Tissue and media are provided to initiate a culture of primary rat astroglial cells .
E18 Mouse Neuronal Tissue -NEURON CULTURES
Fresh Tissue and media are provided to initiate a culture of primary mouse neurons.
E18 Mouse Neuronal Tissue -ASTROGLIAL CULTURES
Fresh Tissue and media are provided to initiate a culture of primary mouse astroglial cells
Plated E18 Primary Rat Neurons Kits-New
Adherent Neurons Plated on 25 cm² Culture Flasks + NbActiv1 Growth Media
hAstroPro Human Astrocyte+Astroglial-Neurons Co-Culturing Kits
Pure, Potent and Proven
Frozen Primary Rat Cortical Neurons
From E18 Rat Cortex
Frozen Primary Rat Hippocampal Neurons
Frozen from E18 Hippocampus
Human Brain Tissue (Blocks, Lysates and Slides)-New
Healthy adult human brain tissue
Growth Media and Poly-D-Lysine Coverslips
Designed for Rat and Mouse Neuron-Astro-Glial Cultures
Cell Cryopreservation Media
Maximizes cell recovery, attachment and growth
3-D Cell Based Assay Solutions
Nanofibers, Hydrogels and Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Proteins
Neural Stem Cells
Includes Neural Progenitors, media and expansion/differentiation kits
Kinetic NeuroTrack Assays
kinetic quantification of neurite dynamics (initiation, branching, extension, retraction)
DNA, RNA Nuclear Protein Markers, GFP, mCherry+Fluorogreen Tracer
Specialized Stains/Markers for Cell Nuclei, Nucleolus, Membrane, Cytoplasm, RNA transcription and GFP
A Method for Long-Term Culturing of High-Density Hippocampal Neurons
Detailed Protocol
Apoptosis and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Development of Disease Specific Assays