At the core of the Neuromics portfolio are reagents with applications in neuroscience research. As a result, we see a large portion of references relating to neurodegenerative diseases, the brain, pain, and other neuroscience fields.

And while our collection of customer publications proves that our products can be used for so much more (see for yourself here), that theme of neuroscience research continued this past week. Two publications were released using our research tools in Parkinson's disease (PD) studies that we'd like to highlight.

Image: GFAP staining (cat. RA22101) of various parts of the PD mouse brain.

In the first study, researchers from Korea used our Rabbit GFAP Polyclonal Antibody (cat. RA22101). They evaluated various antihistamines as potential therapies for patients with PD. After analyzing South Korean patient data and using various animal models, they found that fexofenadine is a potentially effective option to treat PD. Our antibody was used to stain various parts of the mouse brain in a PD model. We encourage you to check out the full publication here.

In the second publication, scientists at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville used our Premium USA Origin Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) (cat. FBS001) to culture PD patient-derived skin fibroblasts. The investigators looked into the expression levels of PINK1 and PRKN in human and animal samples to get a better understanding of their typical expression levels. The loss of PINK1 and PRKN has been shown to lead to PD, so utilizing this information on expression will be helpful in future clinical trials. Learn more here.

As previously mentioned, the applications for Neuromics products run far and wide. Considering our broad swath of human cells, primary antibodies, protein purification products, FBS, and more, this is really no surprise. Please check out all of our products and the publications using them here.

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