In the last week, Neuromics fetal bovine serum (FBS) was cited in a couple of studies released by Mayo Clinic researchers. We continuously talk about our selection of capable and low priced FBS options. These publications further prove our point. With various grades and specialty types available, our FBS is ready to serve your upcoming cell culturing projects. We suggest you check out our explainer that walks through all our serum offerings.

Image: HeLa cell transfected with scrambled siRNA cultured using Neuromics FBS.

In the first publication, Mayo scientists utilized Premium USA Origin FBS (cat. FBS001) to culture HeLa cells in a neurodegenerative disease study. The investigators performed a genome-wide screening of miRNAs on the HeLa cells to look for inhibitors of the PINK1-PRKN pathway. Mutations in these genes have been implicated in neurodegenerative diseases. Check out the full paper here.

A second group of investigators at Mayo released a paper characterizing novel rabbit monoclonal p-S65-Ub antibodies in various cell types. p-S65-Ub is a marker of mitochondrial damage with clinical relevance in various diseases. All cells that were used in the study were culture using Neuromics FBS (cat. FBS001). Learn more.

Image: Primary human wild-type fibroblasts grown using Neuromics FBS stained with p-S65-Ub and HSP60 antibodies.

Applications for Neuromics products run far and wide including and beyond our FBS. With human cells, primary antibodies, protein purification products, and more all available, we've got what you need. Please explore all of our products and the publications using them here.