As always, Neuromics greatly appreciates when our products are used in publications. The most recent publication shared by customers took advantage of our mouse Tuj-1 antibody (Cat.#MO15013). In this publication, researchers describe how they created an ex vivo 3D vascularized neural constructs that mimics the function of the blood-brain barrier.

Image: The neurovascular interface containing Tuj1+ (green) neurons differentiated from NSCs (in spaces surrounding the vasculature network) and Claudin-5+ (red) endothelial cells (inside the microfluidic channels). Scale bar, 500 μm. Image citation below


Haibing Yue, Kai Xie, Xianglin Ji, Bingzhe Xu, Chong Wang, and Peng Shi. (2020). Vascularized Neural Constructs for Ex-Vivo Reconstitution of Blood-Brain Barrier Function. Biomaterials. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2020.119980

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In addition to our Tuj-1 antibody used in this publication, Neuromics offers a wide selection of antibodies ideal for BBB research. Check them out here!

Image: Spatial distribution of neurons (Tuj1+, green) in the 3D neural construct mimicking the in vivo BBB. The gray dash lines indicated the interfaces of collagen and tubal networks. Citation same at the above image

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