Through the end of March, all Neuromics premium FBS is 5% off. With already some of the lowest FBS prices in the market, these prices offer an incredible combination of quality and price. And of course, both heat inactivated versions are also 5% off through the end of the month.

Both our Premium USA Origin FBS (cat. FBS001) and Premium (USDA approved) Imported FBS (cat. FBS002) are produced with the highest quality standards, with low endotoxin and hemoglobin levels.

Premium FBS Features:

  • Endotoxin levels : ≤10 EU/mL
  • Triple 0.1 μm Filtered
  • Free of Virus and Mycoplasma

Furthermore, our current lots perform among the best when compared to other premium FBS brands (learn more here). Additionally, our premium FBS is research proven, with many publications referencing their use.

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NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
FBS - Heat Inactivated Premium Imported Fetal Bovine Serum (USDA Approved)FBS002-HICell Growth MediaAllCell Assays500ml$336.00
FBS - Heat Inactivated Premium USA Origin Fetal Bovine SerumFBS001-HICell Growth MediaAllCell Assays500 ml$505.00
FBS - Premium Imported Fetal Bovine Serum (USDA Approved)FBS002Cell Growth MediaAllCell Assays500 ml$331.00
FBS - Premium USA Origin Fetal Bovine SerumFBS001Cell Growth MediaAllCell Assays500 ml$500.00

In addition to premium FBS, Neuromics is pleased to offer three more lines of FBS - Preferred, Standard, and Qualified. We also provide specialty FBS such as charcoal stripped, tet-free, lipid depleted, exosome free, and dialyzed. We have the ability to heat-inactivate all of our FBS products. Check out the options for yourself here!