Along with our consistent efforts to introduce new types of human cells, we are always testing and validating new media formulations so customers can get the most out of our cells. We have now released two new media products - Universal Neurite Outgrowth Media (cat. HNM004) and Universal Tube Formation Media (cat. MED003). These formulations enable researchers to perform new applications and experiments.

Top Image: Primary Human Neurons (cat. HNC001) cultured using Universal Neurite Outgrowth Media. Neurite formation can be seen.

Neurite outgrowths occur when developing neurons produce projections as they grow in response to guidance cues. The formation of neurites is critical for communication between neurons. Universal Neurite Outgrowth Media stimulates neurite formation in vitro to further understand the process. Check out the media here

Endothelial cells have been shown to form capillary-like structures in vitro when plated on top of a reconstituted basement membrane extracellular matrix. However, this method takes around a week to see tube formation. Our Universal Tube Formation Media provides a quick and robust method to measure the ability of endothelial cells to form three-dimensional tube structures in vitro in less than 18 hours. It has been validated across many of our human primary endothelial cell types - find more information here.

Bottom Image: Human Pancreatic Microvascular Endothelial Cells (cat. HEC08) in culture using Universal Tube Formation Media. Tube formation can be observed.

We continue to supply researchers with defined media, coating solutions, detachment solutions, cryopreservation media, and more. Check it all out here.