Throughout 2023, our Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) continues to prove again and again that it is a major contributor in meaningful research. With a number of citations in published research, you can count on the reliability and consistency of our FBS in your cell culturing projects. Now, we are giving back, by offering 10% off our Premium USA Origin FBS (cat. FBS001) through the end of November.

Our Premium USA Origin FBS is undoubtedly one of highest quality serums on the market and is equipped to culture all cell types. This serum has impressively low endotoxin levels, is triple 0.1 μm filtered, is free of virus and mycoplasma, and is our most frequently cited type of FBS. It really is no surprise to see how well it performed compared to its competitors - see the data for yourself here.

In case you were wondering, our Heat Inactivated Premium USA Origin FBS (cat. FBS001-HI) is also 10% off.

Not only have the publications using our FBS this year been numerous, they've also been across diverse research areas and shown off the variety of our offerings. Here are some examples:

You can explore all our FBS offerings (including specialty FBS varieties) here along with all publications using them here.