We wanted to remind you about all of the research tools we have available for neuroscience researchers. From human cells to antibodies and more, we have plenty to choose from.

At the forefront of our neuroscience product offerings are our Primary Human Neurons (cat. HNC001). Pictured in culture to the right, these neurons are isolated from donor brain cortical tissue and are versatile in their applications.

For example, earlier this month, our neurons, along with our Human Brain Astrocytes (cat. HMP202), were both utilized in neuroblastoma research. The scientists were looking at T cells expressing chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) targeting glypican-2 (GPC2) as a possible clinical target for neuroblastoma and other solid tumor treatment. Using our cells, the researchers determined that mature neurons and astrocytes express low levels of GPC2, making them a safe target for therapy. In addition to our cells, the researchers also used media and other culturing products supplied by Neuromics.

Click here to check out the publication for yourself!

We encourage you to read more to learn about some of our other neuroscience related products...

Human Cells and Tissue:

Neuromics is proud to provide Immortalized Human Brain Microglia (cat. HBMCs001), Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells (cat. HEC02), our 3D Human Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Model (cat. 3D45002), and many moreresearch proven cell types.


We have a selection of antibodies perfect for neuroscience researchers. Most importantly, many of these antibodies are currently on sale. Included are our neuronal-glial markers, pain research antibodies, and much more. Check out all the antibodies and the publications using them!


In addition to our cells and antibodies, we encourage you to check out our neuroscience related recombinant proteins, media products, and fetal bovine serum!