When looking at FBS prices of our competitors, you'll quickly notice that few other companies can compete with us on price. Our FBS is research proven and has a history of success—check out our customer data and customer publications! Neuromics offers both standard FBS and heat inactivated FBS along with having FBS of USA and USDA origin for both varieties.   

Image: Prostate carcinoma PC-3 cells cultured in our FBS. Data courtesy Daotai Nie at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

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500 ml-Standard $379.00Add to Cart
500 ml-Standard USDA$329.00$299.00Add to Cart
500 ml-Heat Inactivated $394.00Add to Cart
500 ml-Heat Inactivated USDA$334.00$304.00Add to Cart

If you're interested in bulk pricing, contact David at david@neuromics.com or (952)374-6161

Image: Fluorescent image of HEK293T cells with an HIV-dependent DSRED2 expression vector grown in DMEM supplemented with Neuromics' FBS courtesy of Brian Hetrick, George Mason University