• HEK Cells

    HEK Cells cultured in Media Supplemented with Neuromics' FBS Courtesy of Kavita Shah, Purdue University

  • N39 Cell Line

     N39 Cell Line Cells grown in Media supplemented with Neuromics' FBS, Courtesy of Deng Guo, University of Iowa.

  • Human Immortalized Pancreatic CAF-Stellate Cells

    Human CAFS-Pancreatic Stellates (CAF08) cultured in MSCGro™  supplemented with Neuromics' FBS (FBS001). Courtesy of Emily Rodela, TGEN,

  • MiaPaca2

    MiaPaca2 grown using Neuromics FBS  (Cat#FBS001, lot#FBS001800108). Data courtesy of Ruben Munoz, Han Lab, TGEN

  • Mouse Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

    Primary mouse vascular smooth muscle cells stained with smooth muscle alpha actin in DMEM with Neuromics 10% FBS. Data courtesy of Deng-Fu Guo, University of Iowa. 

  • bEnd.3 Cells

    bEnd.3 cells grown in FBS Cat. Number-FBS001, Lot# N321039122816. Data courtesy of Saif, Barrow Neurological Institute

  • Mouse Cortical Neurons

    Mouse cortical neurons in culture, using Neuromics heat-inactivated FBS (in plating media for two days). Data courtesy of Dr. Saif at Barrow Neurological Institute.