This summer, Neuromics will be offering opportunities for customers to save, and even though the summer hasn't officially starting, we are ready to kick off the savings. We are offering a promotion on a wide list of our antibodies. Through July 9, buy one of the listed antibodies and get another half off of equal or lesser value. Included in the list are some of our most popular antibodies, with many of our pain and inflammation research antibodies featured.

Whether you are a new customer or looking to restock on antibodies, simply use the coupon code "Summer2021" as you purchase in order to save. Upon purchase, if applicable, we will correct the price in order to honor the promotion.

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NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
Alpha 2a Adrenergic ReceptorRA14110Rabbit IgGRatIHC150 ul$456.00
Alpha 2a Adrenergic ReceptorRA14110Rabbit IgGRatIHC50 ul$190.00
Alpha 2c Adrenergic ReceptorRA19064Rabbit IgGHuman, RatICC, WB, IHC150 ul$456.00
Alpha 2c Adrenergic ReceptorRA19064Rabbit IgGHuman, RatICC, WB, IHC50 ul$190.00
APP 228MO20015Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$175.00
ArteminRA19009Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ul$250.00
ASIC 2B 15-26RA14129Rabbit IgGHuman, RatIHC100 ul$250.00
ASIC 3GP14105Guinea Pig IgGRatICC, IHC150 ul$456.00
ASIC 3GP14105Guinea Pig IgGRatICC, IHC50 ul$190.00
ASIC BetaGP10101Guinea Pig IgGRatIHC150 ul$395.00
ASIC BetaGP10101Guinea Pig IgGRatIHC50 ul$175.00
Beta AmyloidMO20004Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ug$150.00
Bradykinin Receptor B2RA14137Rabbit IgGRatIHC, IF100 ul$250.00
c-Kit/CD117RA14122Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatIHC, FC, IF100 ul$299.00
CalbindinMO20016Mouse IgMHumanIHC100 ug$175.00
CD1a (Clone MT1B)MO20005Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$180.00
CD34/HPCA1MO20026Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$155.00
CD39GP10103Guinea Pig IgGRatIHC150 ul$395.00
CD39GP10103Guinea Pig IgGRatIHC50 ul$175.00
CD43 (Clone MT1)MO20006Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$150.00
CD44 Variant 3MO20007Mouse IgGHumanWB, IHC100 ul$150.00
CGRPCH14100Chicken IgYRatIHC150 ul$475.00
CGRPCH14100Chicken IgYRatIHC50 ul$215.00
ChATMO20019Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$175.00
CLAC-P (NC2-1 region)RA19007Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ul$250.00
CLAC-P (NC2-2 region)RA19008Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ul$250.00
FMRFamideRA20002Rabbit IgGRatIHC150 ul$276.00
FMRFamideRA20002Rabbit IgGRatIHC50 ul$115.00
GABA Receptor Associated ProteinRA19014Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB100 ug$250.00
hADNPRA19026Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseWB100 ul$195.00
HumaninRA19000Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 uL$250.00
IKAPRA19012Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$250.00
Kappa Opioid ReceptorRA10103TRabbit IgGRatICC150 ul$325.00
Kappa Opioid ReceptorRA10103TRabbit IgGRatICC50 ul$125.00
LepRb/OBRbCH14104Chicken IgYRatWB, IHC, IF100 ul$275.00
mGluR2/3RA13102Rabbit IgGMouse, RatICC, WB, IHC100 ul$325.00
MOR-1CRA20001Rabbit IgGMouse, RatIHC150 ul$368.00
MOR-1CRA20001Rabbit IgGMouse, RatIHC50 ul$155.00
Mu Opioid ReceptorRA10104Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateICC, WB, IHC150 ul$360.00
Mu Opioid ReceptorRA10104Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateICC, WB, IHC50 ul$155.00
Neuropeptide FF1 ReceptorRA19017Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC100 ug$225.00
Neuropeptide FF2 ReceptorRA19018Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$225.00
Neuropeptide Q3/NPQ3RA14134Rabbit IgGRatIHC100 ul$250.00
Nop30/Apoptosis Repressor with CARDRA14126Rabbit IgGHumanICC, WB50 ul$190.00
NPY Y2 ReceptorRA14112Rabbit IgGMouse, RatWB, IHC, IF100 ul$380.00
NPY Y2 ReceptorRA14112Rabbit IgGMouse, RatWB, IHC, IF50 ul$210.00
NPY Y2 Receptor-C/N TerminusRA14136Rabbit IgGMouse, RatIHC100 ul$380.00
NPY Y2 Receptor-C/N TerminusRA14136Rabbit IgGMouse, RatIHC50 ul$210.00
Olig1RA14141Rabbit IgGRatIHC100 ul$350.00
ORL 1RA14133Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatIHC, IF100 ul$275.00
ORL 1RA14140Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatIHC, IF100 ul$365.00
p11 (Calpactin I Light Chain / Annexin II)CH14101Chicken IgYRatIHC100 ul$250.00
P2X1RA10107Rabbit IgGRatICC, IHC150 ul$348.00
P2X1RA10107Rabbit IgGRatICC, IHC50 ul$145.00
P2X2RA10108Rabbit IgGHuman, Rat, PrimateICC, WB, IHC150 ul$348.00
P2X2RA10108Rabbit IgGHuman, Rat, PrimateICC, WB, IHC50 ul$155.00
PCNAMO20014Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PrimateWB, IHC, FC100 ul$155.00
PGP9.5MO20002Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC100 ul$395.00
PGP9.5RA12103Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PorcineWB, IHC150 ul$369.00
PGP9.5RA12103Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, PorcineWB, IHC50 ul$165.00
PHF-2 (PDH finger protein 2 )RA19024Rabbit IgGHumanWB100 ug$225.00
ppNPYGP14107Guinea Pig IgGMouse, RatIHC150 ul$456.00
ppNPYGP14107Guinea Pig IgGMouse, RatIHC50 ul$190.00
pre-pro EnkephalinRA14142Rabbit IgGMouse, RatIHC50 ul$205.00
proDynorphinGP10110Guinea Pig IgGMouse, RatIHC150 ul$475.00
proDynorphinGP10110Guinea Pig IgGMouse, RatIHC50 ul$220.00
proDynorphin (GP Reactive)GP10109Guinea Pig IgGGuinea PigIHC150 ul$475.00
proDynorphin (GP Reactive)GP10109Guinea Pig IgGGuinea PigIHC50 ul$215.00
RattinRA19005Rabbit IgGRatWB100 uL$250.00
SHANK1a N-TerminusRA19015Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB100 ug$225.00
SurvivinRA19022Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatWB100 ug$225.00
SynaptophysinMO20000Mouse IgGHuman, RatWB, IHC100 ul$175.00
TGF betaMO20012Mouse IgMHumanIHC100 ul.$150.00
TRPA1RA14135Rabbit IgGHuman, RatIHC100 ul$275.00
TRPM6 (Chak2)GP14108Guinea Pig IgGMouse, RatIHC100 ul$295.00
Tyrosine HydroxylaseMO20001Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB1 ml$1,250.00
VEGF R3 (Flt-4)MO20013Mouse IgGHumanIHC100 ul$150.00
VR1 C-terminus (TRPV1)GP14100Guinea Pig IgGHuman, RatIHC150 ul$475.00
VR1 C-terminus (TRPV1)GP14100Guinea Pig IgGHuman, RatIHC50 ul$215.00
WWOXRA19025Rabbit IgGHuman, MouseICC, WB, IP100 ug$250.00