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Two New FBS Publications to Share

Culturing cells in your fall research? There's no question that you'll need Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS). Neuromics continues to maintain a healthy inventory of FBS, including multiple grades and specialty lines. We encourage you to explore all of our FBS options here to find the serum matching your specific research applications. Of course, all our FBS is well priced and near the lowest in the market (learn more).

Furthermore, there's no better way to prove the reliability of our FBS than pointing to the many publications referencing it's use. In the past couple of weeks alone, our Premium Imported FBS (cat. FBS002) was cited in two new publications. Check out all publications using our FBS here.

In the first publication, researchers from UKMC used the FBS to culture a variety of cancer cell lines. They were looking into a variety of mutations in the tumor suppressor p53 seen in the various cell lines and potential therapeutic targets. Learn more here.  

In the second publication, scientists from Midwestern University investigated the potential therapeutic uses of flavonoids. In the process, our FBS was used to culture mouse embryonic fibroblast. Check out the publication here.

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Fresh Antibodies for Fall Research

With fall research already starting or quickly approaching, there is no better time to stock up on the reagents needed to enable discoveries. Fortunately, Neuromics has your back. In addition to our human cells, FBS, and media & culturing tools, among others, we've just added over 40 new antibodies.

Image: Immunofluorescent analysis of a section of adult rat hippocampus stained with a new goat pAb to Fox3/NeuN, GT22106, dilution 1:2,000 in red, costained with mouse monoclonal antibody to MAP2 in green. Nuclear DNA was revealed in blue using the DAPI stain.

These antibodies are perfect for researchers across a broad spectrum of specialties. There are antibodies for neuroscientists, including markers for CNS cells and neurological disease, including TBI and neurodegenerative diseases. Furthermore, these new antibodies cover cancer research, cardiovascular research, and so much more. Read more to see for yourself.

In addition to these new antibodies, Neuromics has an existing selection of research proven antibodies with a wide variety of applications. Explore them here. Many of these antibodies are currently on sale and 20% off! Check out the on sale antibodies here.

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New Research Using Our Human Brain Astrocytes

Last month, we highlighted the many occasions in which our primary human neurons (cat. HNC001) have been cited in published research. This includes creating 3D spheroids, studying the link between Alzheimer's and COVID-19, and identifying neuroblastoma therapeutic targets (learn more here).

This month, our human brain astrocytes (cat. HMP202) are stealing the spotlight. Just last week, scientists from Vaccinex, Inc. published neurodegenerative disease findings. With the help of our astrocytes, the researchers determined that creating a blockade of Semaphorin 4D may preserve normal astrocyte function and improve disease pathology in astrocytes interacting with already damaged neurons.

Image: Neuromics astrocytes stained with S100 beta.

We encourage you to check out the full publication here. Furthermore, you can explore all publications using our astrocytes here. Lastly, follow this link to browse all publications using our human cells & tissue.

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More Savings This August

As many of you already know, Neuromics is the United States distributor of IBA Lifesciences products. For decades, IBA has provided the very best protein and cell isolation products, ensuring reliable results. As their proud distributor, we encourage you to check out all their product offerings and resources here.

Furthermore, this August, with IBA's generous support, Neuromics is offering all Strep-Tactin®XT 4Flow® products 10% off. Efficient purification of large proteins is often challenging and frustrating. However, the Strep-Tactin®XT 4Flow® line of products allows for the efficient purification of large proteins while maintaining an equal binding capacity for regular sized proteins.

Follow these links to learn more about Strep-Tactin®XT 4Flow® products!

Read more to explore all of the Strep-Tactin®XT 4Flow® products.

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Our Primary Human Neurons Enable Discoveries

Our primary human neurons (cat. HNC001) have been busy lately, continuing to become one of our most popular and versatile products. Earlier this month, Japanese researchers published their findings when creating 3D brain-like spheroids containing our primary human neurons. Their results suggest the spheroids mimic in vivo conditions and are suitable for use as an in vitro neurological disease model. Check out the publication for yourself here.

Since the beginning of 2022, our neurons have been cited a number of times spanning various research areas. They were used by researchers to suggest a link between the COVID-19 virus and Alzheimer's disease (lean more here). Additionally, investigators published findings (see here) using the neurons to find a potential therapeutics target for neuroblastoma.

Image: Neuromics primary human neurons in culture.

Our neurons are just one of many reliable and research proven human cell types and lines we offer. We encourage you to explore all our human cells and the many citations using them.

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