The latest news from Neuromics, customers, collaborators, and friends. Here we will post publications, data, new reagents, and methods. 

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You are doing some amazing research. I'm excited to share with you a small sampling of the interesting research being done with Neuromics solutions. 

First I'd like to share a recent publication using our ABCA1 Antibody: Small molecule inducers of ABCA1 and apoE that act through indirect activation of the LXR pathway. Journal of Lipid Research. doi: 10.1194/jlr.M081851

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National Eye Institute's 3-D ROC Challenge

Are You Ready?

Neuromics is a proud Sponsor of this challenge. It enables us to further leverage our potent, proven and published 3-D Cell-Based Assay Solutions into drug discovery for eye-related diseases.

Our solution set includes 21-CFR Compliant human primary and stem cells and research ready custom and off the shelf 3-D Models. We also provide defined media and supplements.

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April News

Our FBS business keeps growing. Users are finding the supplement works well for human primary cells, stem cells, progenitors, and cell lines.

We want to make it easy for you to buy and try. We also offer a 25 USD Amazon Gift Card should you share your culturing results using our FBS.

This April only, standard US origin FBS is only 299 USD/500 ml.

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