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Out of Matrigel? Check Out Our Collagel Hydrogels

Neuromics offers a large selection of tools for cell culturers, and we want to make sure you're aware of all of them. With Matrigel hard to find at the moment, we thought it'd be a great time to mention that our Collagel Hydrogels are in stock and ready to be used as a substitute for Matrigel. 

Using our Type I Rat Tendon Collagen as the core ingredient, we have created a special formulation that creates a gel. Like Matrigel, our Collagel Hydrogels build a strong basement membrane for both 2D and 3D cell cultures. In your model, these hydrogels match the softness of the body's tissue and will not break or tear apart easily when stretched.

Image: Primary hepatocyte culture in 3D model using our Collagel Hydrogel.

We use Neuromics' Collagel Hydrogels in our lab when preparing our own 3D models. This includes our 3D Human Blood-Brain Barrier Model, which was just featured in Alzheimer's Disease research published this week (check it out here).

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Save on Antibodies While They Last

After 16 years selling antibodies, Neuromics is in the process of exiting the market, allowing us to increase our focus in other areas. We intend to grow our human cells & tissue and FBS business, to complement our auto-filling endeavours that have provided COVID-19 testing labs with hundreds of thousands of tubes during the pandemic.

With our exit, we are offering our remaining inventory at discounted prices, especially for those who are willing to buy in bulk. For many of our antibodies (see which qualify here), we are offering 50 ul sizes for $95, 100 ul sizes for $179, 150 ul for $209, and 1.0 ml for $1250. Additionally, we are offering all associated blocking peptides at $50.

Image: TRPV1 (GP14100) staining of mouse inferior olive using Cy3-conjugated donkey anti-guinea pig secondary antibodies (red color) and DAPI (blue) as a nuclear counterstain.

Because of these low prices, inventory is already beginning to wane, with some of our most popular antibodies already sold out.

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Neuromics Brain Endothelial Cells Strike Again

Earlier this year, we highlighted when our human brain microvascular endothelial cells (HBMECs) (cat. no. HEC02) were published in COVID-19 research. Guess what??? They're back! This time in hypertension and diabetes research released earlier this month.

A collection of researchers from across Italy and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine published their findings a few weeks ago with the help of our HBMECs. Combining in vitro experiments using our cells with cognitive tests of hypertensive patients, these investigators demonstrated that hyperglycemia aggravates cognitive impairment. They also found that patients treated with metformin, a diabetic drug, performed better on the cognitive test than patients treated with insulin.

Image: HBMECs stained with Claudin-5.

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A Great Cell Line for Prostate Cancer Research

Neuromics constantly looks for ways to expand our selection of human cells so that researchers get what they need. We are excited to announce that we now are offering DU 145 cells (cat no. DU001), a human prostate cancer cell line. Better yet, we are offering them for only $479 through the end of the month!

DU 145 cells are one of the pillar prostate cancer cell lines used in therapeutics research. These cells were derived from a prostate carcinoma metastatic site in the brain of a 69 year old Caucasian male. DU 145 are not hormone-sensitive and do not express prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

Even though we just got access to these cells, we've already generated some great data (shown in the image to the right and linked here) demonstrating that these cells express KRT18 and KRT19, two markers of prostate cancer.

Image: DU 145 cells were incubated with diluted primary antibodies KRT18 and KRT19, then with fluorescent secondary antibodies (anti-mouse Cy2 and anti-rabbit Cy3) and mounted using iBright medium (SF40000).

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Neuromics Is Now Offering MTM

As many of you know, Neuromics has been manufacturing virus transport media (VTM) since the beginning of the pandemic, being used from coast to cost in COVID-19 testing. Then, earlier this year, we announced (read here) that we were filling hundreds of thousands of tubes with molecular transport media (MTM), also for COVID-19 testing. Now, we are happy to announce that we are making our MTM available to everyone, and at a great price to boot ($0.95/tube).

Neuromics MTM is perfect for COVID-19 (and other molecular testing), as it preserves viral DNA, inactivates the COVID-19 virus eliminating biohazard risks, and can be stored and shipped at room temperature. We currently have 100,000 sequentially labeled and barcoded tubes (see image) filled with MTM available. And because we are moving labs, we've chosen to offer them at only $0.95/tube.

The 100,000 remaining tubes are 5 ml screw cap tubes filled with 1.5 ml MTM. As mentioned above, the tubes are subsequently labeled with a unique barcode. In addition to tubes, we can provide MTM in 500 ml, 1 L, or 10 L sizes.

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