Our primary human neurons (cat. HNC001) have been busy lately, continuing to become one of our most popular and versatile products. Earlier this month, Japanese researchers published their findings when creating 3D brain-like spheroids containing our primary human neurons. Their results suggest the spheroids mimic in vivo conditions and are suitable for use as an in vitro neurological disease model. Check out the publication for yourself here.

Since the beginning of 2022, our neurons have been cited a number of times spanning various research areas. They were used by researchers to suggest a link between the COVID-19 virus and Alzheimer's disease (lean more here). Additionally, investigators published findings (see here) using the neurons to find a potential therapeutics target for neuroblastoma.

Image: Neuromics primary human neurons in culture.

Our neurons are just one of many reliable and research proven human cell types and lines we offer. We encourage you to explore all our human cells and the many citations using them.

Along with our primary cells, we offer the reagents necessary to culture the cells to their fullest extent. In all three of the featured publications, the scientists employed our neuron growth media (cat. HNM001) and AlphaBioCoat Solution (cat. AC001) to keep their cells healthy.

We have a wide selection of specially formulated cell specific media and culturing tools to help with any project. Furthermore, we have high quality and affordable fetal bovine serum (FBS) as well. Check it all out here

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