This week, March 15-21, Neuromics is celebrating Brain Awareness Week, a global campaign to draw attention to brain health and research. When Neuromics was founded in 2005, as our name suggests, our focus was on providing reagents for neuroscience research. While our product offerings have grown since then, supplying researchers with tools they can use in their brain research continues to be a major focus of our company.

The wonders of the brain are incredible and far fetching. However, there is still much to learn about the brain to produce a higher quality of life for all. With more research, we can hopefully find new treatments and cures for brain disorders, brain diseases, and mental health problems that affect countless individuals.

As we said, Neuromics continues to provide brain researchers the necessary reagents to make new discoveries about the brain every day.

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Our 3D Human Blood-Brain Barrier model is the perfect tool to use in drug discovery and COVID-19 research. This model mimics the transport properties of the BBB due to the formation of tight junctions, higher expression of specific carriers, or great cell viability.

We also offer many lines of human and animal cells perfect for brain research across many disciplines, including:

Furthermore, we have a whole section of antibodies for neuroscience and brain research.

These are just the beginning of the tools we offer brain researchers. Check out all of our products to explore what else we have.

Lastly, to participate in Brain Awareness Week, we encourage you to use #BrainAwarenessWeek and #BrainWeek on social media this week.

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