Neuromics is pleased to add a wide selection of antibodies perfect for many types of research. In particular, we've added Ankyrin 3/Ankyrin G antibodies, FABP7 (Fatty Acid-Binding Protein 7) antibodies, and many more.

Image: Immunofluorescent analysis of transfected HEK293 cells with a GFP-construct in green stained with mouse antibody to GFP, MO22184, dilution 1:1,000 in red. The blue is Hoechst staining of nuclear DNA. The MO22184 antibody reveals GFP protein expressed only in transfected cells, as a result transfected cells are appeared express both red and green signals and so appear an orange-golden color. Untransfected cells show neither signal.

Check out the new antibodies below...

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
Ankyrin 3RA22136Rabbit IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF100µL of 1 mg/mL$325.00
Ankyrin 3MO22185Mouse IgGHuman, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF100 uL$303.00
Ankyrin 3/Ankyrin GCH22125Chicken IgYHuman, Mouse, Rat, Primate, BovineWB, IHC, IF100 ul of 1 mg/ml$325.00
FABP7RA22137Rabbit IgGMouse, RatWB, IHC, IF100 ul of 1 mg/ml$325.00
FABP7MO22188Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, RatICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ug$303.00
Green Fluorescent ProteinMO22184Mouse IgMNot ApplicableICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ul$303.00
Green Fluorescent ProteinCH22124Chicken IgYNot ApplicableWB, IHC, IF100 ul of 1 mg/ml$325.00
NestinCH22123Chicken IgYHuman, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, IF100 ul$303.00
Neurofilament NF-HMO22187Mouse IgGHuman, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, Porcine, EquineICC, WB, IHC, IF100 ug$303.00

Image: Immunofluorescent analysis of cortical neuron-glial cell culture from E20 rat stained with chicken pAb to ankyrin 3, CH22125, dilution 1:2,000 in green, and costained with mouse mAb to FOX3/NeuN dilution 1:2,000 in red. The blue is Hoechst staining of nuclear DNA. The CH22125 antibody stains the axonal initial segments, while the FOX3/NeuN antibody reveals perikarya and nuclei of neurons.