These expression vectors offer rapid and highly efficient subcloning of an arbitrary gene – initially cloned into a Donor Vector - to simultaneously fuse it with many different genetic surroundings via transfer into Acceptor Vectors to generate Destination Vectors. The latter enable the efficient expression of your protein with various features (e.g. different tags and different promoters) in different hosts.

Our selection of expression vectors include E. coli expression vectors (pASG-IBA and pASK-IBA vectors), mammalian vectors (pDSG-IBA, pESG-IBA, and pCSG-IBA vectors), yeast expression vectors (pYSG-IBA vectors), Baculo virus vectors (pLSG-IBA vectors), and StarGate entry vectors (pENTRY-IBA51).

We also have a MEXi product portfolio for use in mammalian protein expression, including a HEK293/EBNA-1 cell line and cell culture media.