Neuromics has a wide offering of transfection reagents that are perfect for both in vivo and in vitro applications. We take pride in seeing our product used in research, which is certainly true of our transfection reagents (see here).

Furthermore, we'd like to highlight a recent use of our n-Fect Transfection Kit (cat.# NF30150) in a doctoral thesis recently published. The paper looked into the neuroscience of alcohol addiction, looking towards the purinergic family receptor P2X4, which has been linked to alcohol addiction in mouse models. Using our n-Fect Transfection Kit, the molecular and cellular mechanisms linking P2X4 expression and voluntary alcohol consumption are explored. Our n-Fect reagents were used on brain slices containing the ventral tegmental area (VTA) of mice. They conclude that purinergic control of VTA neurons is a neurotransmitter system that should be further studied as a target for alcohol dependence drugs.

Image: Examples of p-Fect (Cat.# PF3000) transfection in different cell types.

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NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
DNA-FectDF37100-1Cationic PloymerTransfection Reagent1 ml$229.00
DNA-Fect293DF37293-1Cationic PloymerTransfection Reagent1 ml$185.00
i-FectNI35150Cationic Lipid1 x 0.75 ml$410.00
i-FectNI357505 x 0.75 ml$1,799.00
n-BlastNB30075Cationic Lipid0.75 ml$269.00
n-BlastNB301501.5 ml$469.00
n-FectNF30150Kit1.5 mls$410.00
n-FectNF307505 x 1.5 mls$1,699.00
p-FectPF30000DNA Diluent5x8 mls-DNA Diluent$119.00
p-FectPF30001DNA Diluent10x8 mls-DNA Diluent$135.00
p-FectPF30002DNA Diluent5x8 mls-DNA Diluent B$99.00
p-FectPF30003DNA Diluent B10x8 mls-DNA Diluent B$135.00
p-FectPF30075Cationic Lipid75 Reactions$289.00
p-FectPF30150Cationic Lipid150 Reactions$499.00
p-FectPF30750Cationic Lipid750 Reactions$1,999.00
Penetratin 1CP51101500 ugs$759.00
pro-FectPT30000Cationic Lipid24 Reactions$339.00
pro-FectPT30002Cationic Lipid96 Reactions$1,287.00
siRNA-intactSI35100RNAse Inhibitor100 units in 100 ul$279.00


  1. Larry Rodriguez. (2020). Mechanisms of P2XR-Mediated Ethanol Consumption.University of Southern California, Doctoral Dissertation