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Catalog Number: NF30150
Applications: Transfection Reagent
Type: Kit
Storage: Store at 2°C-8°C
Shipping: Ambient
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n-FectTM is a cationic lipid that has been emperically formulated for nervous system applications. n-Fect has a lower tocicity profile for primary neural cells than most cationic lipids.

Cell lines (see figure): n-Fect has worked well on neural and glial cells with a high transfection efficency.

Primary Neurons: Like most cationic lipids, the transfection effecency for most of our customers in primary neurons has been fairly low.  The main observed advantage of n-Fect compared with other cationic lipid products is its low toxicity.  At the recommended transfection ratios, neurons remain healthy.  The observed transfection efficency in primary neurons has been approximately 10% - but has been variable from lab to lab.   We therefore offer this kit in a trial size to test in your unique cell culture conditions. 

n-Fect has been use for plasmid transfection in Experimental Crescentic Glomerulonephritis. See n-Fect: Publications 

Kit Contents 

  • Dried n-Fect ™ Reagent Lipid Film
  • Hydration Buffer
  • DNA Diluent

NF30150: 1.5 mls -75-300 Transfections    

NF30750: 5 x 1.5 mls - 375-1500 Transfections 

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