Neuromics offers many lines and varieties of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS). And this month, we are introducing one more - Preferred FBS (cat. FBS007). Our Preferred FBS is entering the market with a bang, now being offered for $199/500 ml through the end of November. 

Preferred FBS offers an unbeatable combination of quality (check out its CoA here) and price (like we said - $199/500 ml). We are confident in its ability to culture most cell types, so much so that we encourage you to request a sample

Like our other FBS products, Preferred FBS is manufactured in a fully integrated environment from raw material collection to finished product. It is produced to the highest standards in order to reduce risk and product variability, and to ensure product safety and performance. Furthermore, as with our other FBS products, we can heat inactivate our Preferred FBS (cat. FBS007-HI), which is also available for a steal of only $209/500 ml.

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NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
FBS - Heat Inactivated Preferred Fetal Bovine SerumFBS007-HICell Growth MediaAllCell Assays500 ml$305.00
FBS - Preferred Fetal Bovine SerumFBS007Cell Growth MediaAllCell Assays500 ml$300.00
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